Bee 4 Goodnight – The Four B’s seeks to build bridges of comfort, formation, and consistent care for parents and caregivers.  I  have partnered with the organizations listed below to distribute more “goodnights” to families in underserved communities, including families experiencing any transition.

Life can be difficult for a little one to navigate the uncertainties and anxieties produced by transitional stages.  This initiative seeks to foster spaces for continuity of care through consistent elements to support children’s daily routines as we build “the hive.”

The stations of goodnight can become a common denominator in physical spaces and the corners of children’s hearts, providing them a sense of stability and familiarity to soothe their souls.

Become a Builder of the Hive and be instrumental in securing a goodnight for all!  One home, one comb at a time, everyone could have a good night!


“Bee 4 Goodnight,” a family fun read-along set in the majestic world of a busy hive where we meet, the Comb’s family. Four Bees “All making ready…” for their nightly routine of “the 4 B’s: BATH. BRUSH. BOOK. BED. Each night, with delight they all do the same, their routine, something they repeat, like a favorite game.

To care for their body and relieve their mind, the Comb’s family do the B’s all, before bedtime. A simple and fun approach for the introduction of self-care to our young ones – “Routine made fun” – for parents, caregivers, and service providers establishing foundational principles of early childhood development. Bee 4 Goodnight, making “goodnight” more than just a salutation but, a mindful intention.


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